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Who stole our beach?
A battle to save the beach at Hopton-On-Sea launched in 2013 after a two year study highlighted the cause of the horrendous erosion. A scientific and engineering analysis clearly showed that since the completion of the Outer Harbour at Great Yarmouth in September 2008, the public beach had rapidly disappeared. Bourne backed a public campaign and has successfully saved one of England's most popular beaches so it can now be enjoyed by thousands of families every year.
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We have an animation to show how the beach disappeared
Hopton beach map

The story so far

The colour history shows how a beach enjoyed by generations of families began to disappear suddenly after the completion of the Outer Harbour. Also includes is a timeline and a brief engineering explanation.

Hopton beach aerial view

Executive Summary and Report

The two–year study of why the beach is disappearing has been headed up by Dr. Phil Barber, established specialist in hydronomics, sediment transport and shoreline management. His conclusions are contained in this Executive Summary.

Hopton beach family

Latest news

Having spent £10 million and strategically placed 90,000 tonnes of Norwegian granite on the beach the erosion has stopped and families have been enjoying the use of the new beach throughout the summer holidays.